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Five Star Guarentee

Five Star Locksmiths offer a 30 day unconditional guarantee on our workmanship.

So if you have any problems within this time frame, we will come out on site free of charge!

Automotive Locksmith

We seem to be using our car more and more every day – with the pace of our busy lives the last thing we need is being unable to jump in and drive. Five Star Locksmiths Melbourne are fully trained Automotive Locksmiths and will be there to help if you ever do find yourself with car key trouble. Five Star Locksmiths are industry professionalsĀ  and are available day or night with custom built fully equipped mobile service vans and we can provide services for cars and any other type of vehicle.

If you are looking for an Automotive Locksmith then make sure you choose someone that does the job right. Your vehicles are an important part of your family and work life, so make sure you choose someone who knows Melbourne and knows locks.

  • opening of all vehicles
  • removing broken keys
  • repair/replacement of ignition locks
  • replacing lost or stolen keys

For any inquiries please call us onĀ 1800 731 941

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