It’s that time of the year again where the holidays have to end, children go back to school and parents go back to work. Thieves also notice this time of the year. Many break-ins happen when thieves know that the chances of someone being home are low. They also like times of the year when lots of expensive things will be in the house. Picking a time after Christmas, and just as children go back to school may be their big opportunity. For these very reasons, it’s imperative that you prepare your home for the start of the school term.

So, How to Prepare Your Home for the Start of the School Term?

Start of the School Term

Don’t leave expensive items within view

 When you leave the house it’s always a good idea to hide any items that are of value. By leaving laptops, phones and keys lying around the house, it may give potential thieves a greater incentive for breaking in.

Ensure that all locks are enabled

We have heard too many stories of families that forget to lock their windows. Even though that have some great quality locks, without engaging them, you are not protecting anything. Perhaps making yourself a checklist before leaving the house to lock everything may help you to remember this simple, but effective step.

Close your curtains

By having your curtains closed, thieves don’t know if someone is home. They may think that you’re just trying to keep the house cool or that you want you privacy. Thieves are much less likely to enter if they know someone is home. With that being said, a lot of break-ins unfortunately still happen when someone is home. So you must be prepared for that.

Hide an item that can protect you and your family

 By strategically placing an item that can be used to defend you or your family can be crucial in helping to improve your safety. It’s also very important that you hide these items in places that will be near impossible for someone else to find. You definitely do not want a thief to use these things against you.

Install Time-Delay Switches

By installing time-delay switches, you will be able to program the times that you want your television or lights to turn off and on. By doing this, it might trick the thief into thinking that someone is home.

If you need any other advice on ways to prepare your home for the start of the school term, feel free to call Five Star Locksmiths, the locksmith professionals on 1800 348 378. We can suggest more ways to help improve the safety of your home. If necessary, we even offer home security installation programs.


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