Is your car at risk for theft? How locksmiths in Melbourne recommend you protect your vehicle

Your personal vehicle is a large investment, making it an appealing target for thieves to steal. In the 2019-2020 financial year alone, motor vehicle theft increased by 2% within Australia. How likely is your car to be targeted for theft and what can you do to reduce your chances of being targeted?

Car theft across Victoria and Australia

Australia had over 50,000 car thefts in the last financial year and nearly 30% of those occurred in the state of Victoria. With the largest percentage across the entire country, most of these Victoria thefts happened in the Hume and Casey council areas. However, all areas of metropolitan Melbourne are affected by theft. According to, the top 3 vehicles to be stolen within Victoria this past year are:

  • Nissan Pulsar N15 MY95_00
  • Holden Commodore VE MY06_13
  • Nissan Navara D22 MY01_15

And just because your vehicle is not a brand new 2020 model, doesn’t mean it’s not appealing to thieves. Older cars generally have fewer security features, making them a common target for thieves as well. 

Will COVID-19 make me less likely to be a car theft target?

The last few months have seen fewer car thefts than initially estimated. However, there’s a known relationship between economic downturn and crime. So although your car may be travelling to fewer places, thieves will be more motivated to engage in crime. For this reason, locksmiths in Melbourne recommend you are extra careful with the security of your vehicle. Whether you are home all day or if you are leaving your vehicle in a public car park, don’t let yourself be an easy target. 

How can you protect your vehicle?

Often times, a thief will break into your home for the sole purpose of locating car keys. With many people having a key hook or basket near the front door, this is an easy and quick target. And if your front windows are open for everyone to see the keys to your vehicle, this makes it all the more tempting. Melbourne locksmiths suggest hiding your keys in a less suspecting location. Whether it’s further away from an entry point or inside a drawer, don’t make them easily visible.

There’s also a large percentage of vehicles that are stolen purely because people leave the keys inside the vehicle. This is an open invitation to thieves, with everything they need hiding in plain sight. Always make sure you properly secure your car – roll up your windows, hide your belongings, and take your keys with you. And if you park your car on the street, park it in a well-lit area with the wheels turned toward the curb to make it more difficult to tow.

Whether you have a garage that you lock your vehicle in or if you park on the street, there are steps you can take to ensure the safety of your vehicle. Our locksmiths in Melbourne are happy to discuss upgrading your garage security or ensuring that your front door locks are burglar-proof. Should you have any questions about our locksmith services, don’t hesitate to reach out. Call us on 1800 348 378 or leave us a message HERE.