Tips on how to conduct a security audit on your home

The security of your home can be hard to measure. You feel safe while you’re sleeping there, but do you know how protected you really are? A security audit aims to solve that problem by establishing where you can improve your home security. So whether you’re conducting one on your own, or you’re hiring a locksmith in Melbourne, you know where your level of home protection lies.

Think like a burglar and try to break into your own home

Lock all of your doors and windows as you normally would and walk around your home looking for ways to get in. Does one of the windows not latch properly and can be easily opened? Are the side gates easy enough to reach over and open from the inside? Take a look at any avenues you can find to break into your own home. This also includes checking to see if there’s any bins or cars near windows that someone can climb on top of to reach a higher access point to the home. Lastly, if you have a garage, make sure you treat this with the same security you would your home. If your garage is detached, ensure the connecting door is in good working order.

Are there burglar deterrents outside your home?

A common burglar deterrent can be as simple as security stickers on your windows. Do you have a dog? Put a sign up to alert potential intruders that there is a dog on the property that will alert others of any unwelcome visitors. What about floodlights? Go around entry points of your home and see if there are any lights that will capture a burglar. If not, this may be a great spot to look into some motion-activated floodlights. This will illuminate the actions of any attempted break-ins. Lastly, are there shrubs or bushes in front of any big windows to your house? This makes it harder for burglars to get into any windows as it’s less of a direct pathway inside. While you’re at it, check that your address is visible from the street and there are no branches or shrubs in front of it. This means that in the event of any kind of emergency, emergency vehicles will be able to identify your home quickly.

Hire a locksmith in Melbourne to conduct a full security audit on your home

Our locksmiths in Melbourne are trained to complete a security audit on any kind of property. They will take into consideration the locks on your property and any additional systems that protect it. You will complete the appointment with a full assessment of your home. From where they see gaps in security to their recommendations, you can be reassured that you have the information you need to protect your home.

To contact us for our home security audits, don’t hesitate to give our locksmith in Melbourne a call. We are also able to conduct audits on offices, schools, factories and other buildings. For commercial properties, our locksmiths will systematically run through the personnel and operating systems. From reviewing who has access to You can reach us on 1800 348 378 or you can leave us a message here