Door Reinforcement Locks Melbourne

When it comes to the safety of your family you should not compromise on the quality of the door locks installed in your home. Now you can upgrade your existing lock system by installing door locks in Melbourne. It is a great and efficient way to protect your home and building against thefts.

The door reinforcement locks are designed to withstand heavy load and prevent the doors from being kicked in. The locks are solid and durable, increase your home security and get peace of mind. Lost your house keys and do not have a spare one? No problem. During an emergency, you need to make a well-informed decision by investing in door locks Melbourne. We offer rekeying and lock installation services. With our faster turnaround times, you can rely on quick and trusted services.

Five Star Locksmiths offers responsive and tailored lock and security solutions so that you can secure your home with an advanced home security alarm system. We offer our services all across Melbourne. We focus on increasing the safety levels of your house. With the help of door reinforcement, we install the metal-insulated doors that are tough and resistant to attacks and accidents.

The process of door reinforcement includes installing a metal sleeve around the doorknob area to provide more strength to the door. Secure your door and prevent breaking in by installing door locks in Melbourne. Our specialists will help you select the right type of locks for your door.

We have a team of consultative experts who are equipped with the latest technologies and offer excellent customer support services. No matter what your security needs and requirements are, we have the right door reinforcement services and solutions for your house and buildings. The door locks in Melbourne are made from alloy and polyamide with glass fibre. You can get an additional key for your house along with the master key.

We are available 24/7 to offer our customer support during each and every stage of lock installation and replacement. When you choose our services, you do not only get the perfect solution, you also get a comprehensive set of commercial and corporate locksmith services that are extremely affordable and useful.

Have a Look How The Defender Lock Stands Up to a Real Kick Test!

This video is all about the new Defender door lock kicking test which help prevent home invasions. Click the link below to see the full video. For more information call us today.

Home Invasions are Becoming More and More Popular.

Fortunately enough, at Five Star Locksmiths, we’ve sourced some high quality door reinforcement locks. These locks are able to withstand up to 800 lbs of kicking force. For more info. get in contact with Five Star Locksmiths today!

Install Safety door locks

At Five Star Locksmiths, our team of qualified locksmith specialists take care of your needs and helps you prevent security risks. We have experience in handling vehicle, commercial, residential, industrial security locksmith services. The locksmiths are trained in installing the safety door locks with ease. They are proficient in repairing and restoring various types of locks and security systems in minimal time.

This is quick and short video on how to install the Defender lock to your doors.

We also take care of the hardware installations, lock servicing, and rekeying.

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