Living in a rental property can sometimes make it more difficult to change or improve your home. If the security of your property is in question, both your landlord and yourself should take steps to secure and protect the property. Before calling a locksmith in Melbourne to address any security issues you have about your rental property, there are some steps you can take to improve your home security. Read below to see our top tips for your rental property.

  • Get to know your neighbours

It’s always helpful to be friendly with your neighbours. If you’re expecting a midday delivery or go out of town, you want someone nearby that you can rely on to give you any urgent updates. It’s also useful to have each other’s contact information for if there’s anyone suspicious hanging around your house.

  • Double-check your door and window locks

Chances are, there’s a limited number of doors and windows you open on a day-to-day basis and you have a routine for locking these after using them. However, what about that hard to reach bathroom window or the rickety window that is difficult to open? It’s important you check that these are locked so you can rest easy knowing exactly what entrances are unlocked and when.

  • Hide your belongings

People might not think to break into your home until they see a reason to. Don’t give outsiders a reason to enter your home and hide away your belongings. This includes any wallets, laptops, or other electronics within arms reach from open windows. You also can just simply close your blinds as a visual barrier from any outsiders. In addition to this, if you have made any pricy purchases recently, dispose of the packaging discreetly. This means if you have treated yourself to a brand new high-definition TV, wait until trash day before putting the box out for collection. This way fewer people will be aware of your new expensive home addition.

  • Keep your property well-lit

Most homes have porch lights or outside lights. Instead of just turning these on when you’re expecting company, keep them on when you’re outside of the house as well. This will help deter intruders because any of their break in activities can be easily seen by passerby or neighbours.

  • Ask your landlord to contact a locksmith in Melbourne

If you’ve taken all of the additional steps you can do on your own but want to call in the professionals, a locksmith can give you and your landlord peace of mind that your property will be safe. Your professional locksmith in Melbourne can update your locks so that they are more secure and in working order. Another simple addition can be a peephole at your front door. With this quick solution, you will never open the door without knowing who is on the other side.

If you’d like to learn more about the locksmith services we offer in Melbourne or if you would like to discuss more ways to improve your home security, don’t hesitate to contact us. Give us a call on 1800 348 378 or leave us an enquiry HERE.