When to call your commercial locksmith in Melbourne to rekey your locks

As the owner of a commercial property, there are countless moving parts to manage. One of the most important aspects is maintaining the safety and security of your employees and your assets. There are several ways to do this. Options may include hiring a security company, investing in CCTV on your property or keeping important items locked in safes. Another easy way to ensure top security is by regularly rekeying your locks. Here are some top tips on how often you should contact your commercial locksmith in Melbourne to rekey your locks.

When should you call your commercial locksmith in Melbourne to rekey your locks?

If an employee has parted ways with your business on negative terms, you should seriously consider rekeying the locks to your building. Though not always at risk for a break-in, these previous employees have the will and the way to break into your property. If you have already experienced a break-in, it’s also highly recommended to rekey the locks in order to minimise any additional security breaches.

If you don’t have any notable security risks known to you, it’s still a good idea to periodically change your locks. Based on the number of people who may have possession of your keys as well as the typical amount of capital left on-site, you want to do your best to protect what’s yours. Based on these factors, you should rekey your locks every one to two years.

What are some alternative options to physical keys so you don’t need to rekey as frequently?

Automated key cards are a great alternative if you are a larger company with frequent employee turnover. These allow you to easily assign and revoke key card access. Using technology in the same way a hotel would, it is a quick and simple re-key process that can prevent future break-ins. Additionally, these key cards cannot be replicated so you don’t need to worry about another key being cut without your knowledge. Another great option to help ease this process is the installation of a BiLock Master Key System. These tamper-resistant keys have a high reputation for ease and durability. Best of all, they are very simple to rekey your locks – making it an excellent choice for regular maintenance.

What else should your commercial locksmith in Melbourne take a look at while they’re at your property?

If you’ve already called out a commercial locksmith in Melbourne to rekey your locks, take advantage of them being at your property. If you haven’t already gone through a security audit for your property, this is an excellent service that can help you understand where any gaps in security are and minimise any future breaches. With a range of security options and price points, there’s an option that is best for you.

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