Who has keys to your house?

It’s a bit unsettling to think about. When you take into account lost keys, past tenants or owners, professionals (such as house cleaners) and even friends and family members you’ve given a key out to, it quickly adds up to a lot of access to your home out there in places you can’t control.

Chances are nothing bad will ever happen. But you’d be surprised how often we see cases where a lost key or stolen set of keys or other scenario leads to a situation you don’t want to deal with. From someone accessing your home when you’d rather they didn’t (such as an ex-spouse) to making it just that little bit too easy for an intruder to gain access, you don’t want to be worrying about your home security.

The simple solution, and one of our most popular locksmith services, is to get your locks re-keyed. And even better – is to get them re-keyed to a single key system. Reduce the number of keys floating around and simply give everyone who needs access to your home one key.

If you’ve been considering this for awhile, we recommend you act now and give us a call.

Honestly, the ease and convenience of a one-key system makes a huge difference to your day to day life. No more wondering if the kids will be able to get in the back door if they’re home early from school. No more sets of two or three or more keys weighing down your key chain. And no more wonderings just who else out in the world might have a key to your home.

Start afresh. Call us today to get your home security door locks re-keyed to a single key system.

Then you can rest easy.

Call now for our speedy and professional re-keying services and other locksmith solutions:  1800 348 378.

Our mobile team is fast and friendly and we offer reasonable rates.


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