Coming into 2018 it’s essential that you’re on-top of your game when it comes to knowing the best bike locks of 2018. Generally we will blog about locksmith applications for businesses, homes and automotive, but we thought to change it up and provide some advice on high-quality bike locks. We hope you enjoy our list!

So here they are, 5 Best Bike Locks of 2018 (according to a locksmith)

1. TIGR Mini

Although you might have to look online to find one of these amazing locks, it’ll be well worth the search. The TiGr Mini is made from titanium and is therefore extremely durable and strong. To give you an idea of the strength of titanium, it’s what they make jet planes out of! For those of you worrying about the weight of your bike lock, you can stop. The TiGr Mini weighs in at just under 500g.

2. Abus Granit Extreme 59

Weighing-in much heavier than the TiGr Mini, the Abus Granit Extreme 59 is a classic D-lock. The thing separating the Abus Granit Extreme 59 from its competitors is the quality build. The particular D-lock is built to withstand a torsional resistance 1,000Nm higher than it’s nearest rival. This is massive! With a lock this heavy duty you won’t be surprised when you find out it weights just under 3kg.

3. Hiplock Lite

The Hipock Lite is a strong competitor when it comes to finding the best bike locks of 2018. Weighing around 1kg, this chain lock provides some amazing protection when it comes to keeping your bike safe. The Hiplock Lite is slightly cheaper than it’s competitors but don’t let its economic price fool you. This chain lock will allow you to lock your bike up without worrying that someone will easily be able to take your bike.

4. Kryptonite Evolution Chain

We’ve decided to put another chain lock in our list, as it wouldn’t be complete without mentioning this one. The Kryptonite Evolution Chain is possibly the strongest bike chain lock available today. To give you an idea about it’s durability, each chain link is made up from six-sided manganese reinforced steel. A lock this heavy duty has some baggage and it’s therefore no surprise that it weight around 3.5kg.

5. Foldylock Compact

Photo From Kick Starter

Our list finishes with the Foldylock. This heavy-duty bike lock weighs only 1kg and provides some of greatest protection available. The thing that people love most about this lock is its ability to be ultra-compact. The Foldylock is not only compact, but it is also drill resistant and has been tested to withstand bolt cutters and hacksaws. This isn’t to say they won’t work eventually, but you can definitely buy some time with this amazing lock.

So that concludes our list of our 5 Best Bike Locks of 2018 (according to a locksmith). We hope we’ve been able to provide you with some direction when it comes to selecting your next bike lock.

One last thing to remember – with a higher quality lock you are essentially buying time. The idea is to keep the lock from being broken for as along as possible. Thieves will always find a way through a lock, but if you can hold them off for that bit longer you (or a police officer) might end up catching them in the act!