Home security is never a topic that will grow old.  As each year passes, more research is done into effective ways of helping to keep homes secure. As fast as new technology, methods and tips are being released, there is also a significantly fast rate at which burglars are improving their ways of getting into our homes.  For this reason, it’s particularly important to ensure that you’re constantly researching new ways to secure your home. To assist with the search, we’ve compiled some of our top recommendations for helping to keep your home safe in 2019.

Before getting started, it’s important to note that although the recommendations given below are important and helpful, they will still not guarantee the safety of your home. The idea is to try and slow the burglar down from entering your home and hope that this time will either deter them from entering or be enough time for the police to arrive.

Ways to secure your home:


1. Upgrade the locks on your doors

Your locks should be number one priority when it comes to home security. Assessing the health of your locks to see if any need to be upgraded should be performed yearly.  You may also need to consider upgrading to a higher-quality lock or even consider using deadlocks, depending on your needs.  Also, don’t forget to check EVERY door – this includes front, back, sliding and even bedroom door locks.

2. Invest in higher quality window locks

Windows are overlooked by most.  It’s unfortunate, but not a lot of thought is invested in improving the quality of the window locks in one’s house.  Just like a faulty door lock, window locks also provide burglars with a grand opportunity of entering your home. It might be best to inspect all of them and to even consider purchasing better quality ones if you’ve only got standard window locks installed.

3. Install a CCTV system

CCTV systems are becoming more common all throughout Australia. You can generally have an inexpensive system installed which will be more than acceptable in quality. CCTV systems are a great way of seeing what is going on in, and around your home without you having to be there – most systems will provide a live feed to your mobile phone. You can also provide evidence to the police for if a robbery was to occur.

4. Install some door reinforcement locks

Door reinforcement locks are extremely effective when it comes to providing your front door with extra kicking force resistance. For some of the higher quality door reinforcement locks, you can expect to add an extra 362kg of kicking force resistance to your door. This could make all the difference between someone breaking open your door or not.

In the video below, you’ll see just how effective a door reinforcement lock can be.

5. Purchase a high-quality safe

With recent advancements in the technology used in safes, you can find some extremely protective ones at a reasonable price.  Using a safe to store valuables, cash or important documents is highly recommended in any home.  To learn about safes or to get an idea of pricing, feel free to visit our safe store HERE.

To see what burglars look for when breaking into a home, try reading the following article taken from the ABC. You might be able to take some more tips from it and hopefully prevent a break-in.

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