We all want to know that whenever we leave our homes or offices that any form of theft or burglary can be prevented or managed effectively with the right security systems and lock systems.

At Five Star Locksmiths, as trained professionals in the locksmith industry, we are well versed with the latest developments and technology surrounding the most advanced security systems and highly recommend investing in a BiLock security system.

BiLock security systems have been around since 1980 and have continued to develop as the decades progress, making it one of the most secure and is the highest market leading choice over any lock system.

There are many benefits to investing in BiLock security and we’ve developed the main reasons why you should invest in our BiLock security systems:

  • Long patent life: BiLock systems with us are guaranteed to be protected from imitation or replication until the year 2034.
  • Converts easily: BiLock whether it be new installation or retrofits, converts to any lock without hassle.
  • Access made easy: BiLock security allows for better access control and reduces the need for more keys.
  • Cost-effective: BiLock security systems offer lower costs for installation and is usually an affordable option.
  • Versatile: BiLock systems can be used from homes, offices, council buildings and more.
  • Drill penetration and bump protection certified: The steel anti-drill barrier incorporated in the manufacturing of the BiLock system certifies
  • total protection against drills and other forms of penetration.
  • Keyhead colour options: There are a variety of keyhead colour options that can be used in over 8,000 combinations.
  • MiFare chip: BiLock systems can be MiFare chipped for integration into access control systems.

There are many benefits to introducing BiLock lock systems into your home, office or council. Overall, the biggest advantage to choosing BiLock is the guarantee of a high security system that ensures well protected spaces at an affordable price.