It’s essential to do your homework when choosing a safe to store your valuables in. The idea of storing your valuables in a safe is to protect them. You protect them from not only thieves, but also fires. By not investing smartly with a secure safe, you may very well be putting your values at risk of being stolen. At Five Star Locksmiths, we recommend Platinum Safes. They’re definitely not a budget safe, but they are affordable.

Budget Safes – Why you should think before you buy?

When purchasing your safe it’s essential that you consider the uses of it. Are you wanting to store money, possessions or important documents? Do you need it to be fire resistant? After you’ve decided what you’d like to store, you will then need to consider the importance of these items. How much are you willing to spend to have them protected?

Just recently, we attended a burglary in a Melbourne suburb and the homeowners were distraught. All of their most prized possessions (as well as cash) had been taken from them. After purchasing a budget safe from a local hardware store, they thought they wouldn’t need to worry about someone breaking into it. Little did they know at the time, even though a safe might appear sturdy and durable, it is not necessarily the case.

This particular budget safe had been smashed open within a matter of minutes, and the thieves were gone.Secure Safe
This family told us at Five Star Locksmiths that they wished they had invested more money in a more secure safe. The family later came into our showroom in Thomastown and we showed them some of our Platinum Safes. They instantly purchased the Platinum Director, which has a $25K cash rating, a one-hour fire tolerance and weighs 170kg.

The family later told us that even though a high-quality safe costs more than a standard budget safe from a local hardware store, they thought that the price would be more. Now, this family knows the importance of investing a little more for improving the overall protection of their items. The family left extremely satisfied knowing that in the future they will be much better protected.


Need more help?

If you’re interested in taking the next step to protecting your items and most valued possessions, feel free to contact Melbourne’s Five Star Locksmiths, the locksmith professionals on 1800 348 378 or visit us in our showroom in Thomastown.


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