If you don’t have a master key system you may well be compromising the security of your business. This is true whether you own a huge factory, small office block, retail outlet, restaurant or bar – anywhere that staff and suppliers are coming and going. Even more so if it’s a place with a high turnover of personnel or where the public are coming in and out a lot.

From our experience not having a master key system can also negatively impact on insurance claims. In the unwanted event such as a break in, the paper trail can be a nightmare if you’ve just been functioning on ordinary locks.

Here’s what a master key system is and why it’s so important.

A master locksmith comes to your premises and conducts a full survey to produce a comprehensive report. All of your lock details go into the ProMaster system – which is state of the art when it comes to security technology. Every door and key gets logged. So you have a full audit history available any time you need it. We keep a long term record so if in ten years time your lock gets damaged – you just get in touch and we can locate exactly what type it is and we replace it.

Of course the day to day benefits of a master key system are that it gives you full key control. Every key has to be signed for – by people you choose as signatories. So there are no rough cut spare keys floating around out there in the world with disgruntled, or just careless, employees.

Master keys are colour coded so they are dead easy to recognise and remember. We use BiLock because they provide a superior quality product that we trust 100%.

If you don’t already have a master key system at your workplace, please give us a call. We’ll come and assess your needs and put the whole thing in place. Once you have a master key system set up you never have to worry about it again. It’s worth it for peace of mind, your business security and – in the long run –  your hip pocket!

Our mobile team is fast and friendly and we offer reasonable rates. So if you need any locksmith services and you are in Melbourne CBD or Melbourne suburbs, call

1800 348 378.


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