Finding a deal is always a great feeling. Especially once you’ve received something of high quality for the low price that was paid. On the other hand, sometimes it doesn’t work out.  Especially when you find yourself paying a high price for something that was initially advertised as a ‘bargain’. This can happen a lot when using a so-called ‘cheap locksmith in Melbourne’.

What do we mean by this?

At Five Star Locksmiths, we have been hearing more and more stories from friends of our customers that have been caught out using an advertised ‘cheap locksmith in Melbourne’.

What went wrong?

When searching for a ‘cheap Locksmith in Melbourne’, a lot of people have been finding the cheapest price that appears. Overwhelmed by the attractive price and irresistible offer in the ad, many people will book these services without first verifying the company’s reputation or work history.

Upon arriving to the job, the low-priced locksmith ‘suddenly’ realises that this job won’t be the same price as advertised. After inspecting the problem a little further, the cheap locksmith will inform the customer that a job of this magnitude will cost a lot more money. The new total will be more than if the customer had originally sought help from an established, well-trusted Master Locksmith.

How to avoid the trap?

Using a cheap Locksmith - Read this before doing so - Five Star Locksmiths

If you’re in need of a locksmith, it’s always best to have a look at the company’s website and find reviews on them. You should seek a firm quote from the locksmith before engaging in the work. If the locksmith can guarantee their work, then you are much better off going for this option. A well trusted, Master Locksmith is always going to be the most suitable option. Even though at first glance the prices will be more than the advertised ‘cheap locksmith’, more times than not, they’ll in fact be cheaper.

So just remember …

If you’ve think you’ve found a ‘fantastic’ price on a cheap locksmith, make sure you look into the company. If they are not a trusted, Master Locksmith, it might be a good sign to steer clear. Be sure to seek a firm quote and make sure they can guarantee their work.

For any more questions, or if you need assistance with any of your doors, keys or locks, then feel free to call the locksmith professionals on 1800 348 378.


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