When you find yourself in a position of needing a Locksmith, it’s natural to Google ‘Cheap Locksmiths Melbourne’, and click on the first result you see. Although it may seem like a contradiction, this method may actually have you spending more than a standard priced Locksmith. Why? It’s simple really; a lot of these ‘cheap locksmiths’ are also crafty sales people.

One of the biggest problems we’ve heard about people using cheap locksmiths in Melbourne is that the advertised price they see is not what they end up paying. Although promising a cheap callout fee, some of these cheaper locksmith companies will make up for the price once they arrive. By using simple tactics like telling the customer that their lock requires more attention than a standard callout, these locksmiths will then create a new price with exorbitant fees.

Once the new price is given to you, you’ll be surprised to learn that it’s not too cheap. In fact, it’s more than likely that this new price will be much greater than that of a standard Master Locksmith.

Cheap Locksmiths Melbourne – How to avoid this trap?

Cheap Locksmiths Melbourne - Why to avoid them - Five Star Locksmiths

Simple. If the offer sounds too good to be true, then the chances are it is. In order to avoid falling victim to this trap, Five Star Locksmiths recommends the following:

  • Use only Master Locksmiths with an excellent reputation
  • Find a Master Locksmith that guarantees their work
  • Use a Master Locksmith that will give you a firm price from the start. Not a cheap price with the intentions of raising it later.

In order to avoid unnecessary costs when using your next locksmith, be sure to do your research. Don’t choose the cheapest in hope they’re going to be the cheapest. If a company has a sterling reputation and guarantee their work, you will be much better off.

If you are in doubt or find yourself falling victim to one of these scams, feel free to contact Five Star Locksmiths and we’ll help you through any ruts you’re stuck in.


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