As of lately our Melbourne CBD Locksmiths team has been informed of lots of unfair locksmith work throughout the city. There is a cheap locksmiths Melbourne CBD scam that has seen a large number of people being taken advantage. Have you noticed the scam? We’ve dedicated this blog to educating you on exactly what’s been happening.

Cheap Locksmiths Melbourne CBD – What they’re doing 

Many of our new customers have been saying that they’ve been caught up in a locksmith scam in Melbourne’s CBD. We had previously heard it from friends but we didn’t realise how serious the problem was until recently.

What’s the scam?

Lots of people are searching for Cheap Locksmiths Melbourne CBD and are excited to see results of companies that advertise a call-out fee of around $45. Without verifying the integrity of the company, the customer will book the job and then be later shocked to find out it’s not what they had expected. A few of these companies will quote a really low price for a call-out fee and then upon arriving to the job they will increase the price dramatically. From the feedback of various customers, that have told us that they’ve paid between $350-$700 for basic jobs which would have been worth less than $150 from a professional Master Locksmith.

Furthermore, a lot of these jobs are performed at a very low standard. We’ve had reports of damage being made to commercial locks (these are very expensive to fix). We’ve also had reports of these ‘locksmiths’ leaving their customers stranded after accepting payment and not finishing jobs.

The general rule is; if the price seems too low to be true, ensure that the locksmith can be verified. Check to make sure the call isn’t diverted to another country. And lastly, investigate to see if they can provide you with their Master Locksmith Association number.

For more information on avoiding the cheap locksmiths in Melbourne CBD scam feel free to give us a call on 1800 348 378 and we’ll let you know if the company seems legitimate. We promise that we won’t make you feel obligated to use us either!