Holiday Security Tips From SantaFollow the tips in this home security holiday checklist and enjoy safe and stress free holidays .

Burglars usually like to pick the weakest link when they are choosing which house to try and break into.

Stand out the front of your property and look around at your neighbours homes and workout who is the weakest link?

Look for :

Who has an alarm?

Who has security doors?

Who has roller shutters?

Who had deadlocks?

Who has an overgrown garden for intruders to hide in ?

Who has sensor light ?

Who has a dog ?

Who has a cctv camera system ?

Home Security Holiday Checklist – Things you can do:

1. Tidy up any tools that are laying around the house as they can be used as breaking and entering tools to force entry to your property.

2. Secure any outside garden shed where your gardening tools may be stored.

3. Make sure you have keyed window locks.

4. Dead lock all window locks with a key so they are locked and securely shut as up to 30% of break ins are through windows.

5. Prevention is always better than a cure, so sensor lighting around your home can help prevent break ins and deter possible intruders in the dark hours.

6. Clear or trim large trees and bush around your property so there is no hiding, or out of sight places for your unwanted guest to hide.

7. Install an alarm that is monitored or at least install an alarm box that is visible to the front of the house so it looks like you have an alarm system. By just screwing a blank siren box to your home could reduce your risk by 50 percent of being broken into.

8. Security doors are a great add on when it comes to security from a visual point of view and a personal point of view. You can lock your security door when you are home to let a nice breeze through your home, and it adds another layer of security to your home.

9 Roller shutter can also be a great feature when done well for your home.

10. You can have your windows open, and open your shutters slightly to allow a breeze through your home. But be aware of them being a possible fire trap for your home.

11. Having a dog can be a beneficial to you and your family in so many

Christmas Home Security Tips

Five Star locksmiths and its staff would like to wish you and your family a very Merry and safe Christmas.



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