Having a doorknob or door handle comes loose is annoying at the best of times – it’s usually one of those things that is noticed by all, but very rarely will get attended to when noticed.  More often than not, a loose doorknob or door handle will be looked at once it’s either about to fall off or has stopped turning.  By the time this happens, chances are that either your door or door handle will have sustained some damage.

In the following article we’ll be looking at the causes of a loose doorknob or door handle, and then some DIY ways in which the situation can be rectified.

First of all – why does a door handle or doorknob become loose in the first place?

Generally speaking, any loose knob or handle will likely have screws that have come undone slightly, a build-up of dirt in the locking mechanism or even perhaps a screw which has broken off entirely. Whatever the reason may be, the same steps would usually be followed in order to resolve the issue.

Before getting into the good stuff, we should point out that any DIY jobs performed should be done so at the discretion of the reader.  At Five Star Locksmiths, we cannot take responsibility for any extra damages inflicted on the door, locking mechanism, doorknob or door handle from following these guidelines.

Now then, step 1

It’s time to get the right tools together in order to perform the job.  A standard screwdriver should do the trick, so there’s no need for a big trip out to Bunnings.

The first step usually involves tightening the internal screws on the loose knob or handle.  The can be done by first removing the doorknob. Sometimes there will be an exposed screw which needs to be undone in order to take off the knob, whilst other doors will require you to simply twist the knob off.  Once you’ve done so, you’ll notice a faceplate with some visible screws.

Step 2 – tighten whatever is loose

It’s now time to start twisting some loose screws.  Have a go at tightening up any screw that appears loose.  Whilst doing so, you should also take care to look for any damages on the inside locking mechanism.  A damaged faceplate may also be the cause of a loose door handle, so if this is the case you may need to look at getting a replacement.

Step 3 – put everything back together

Once you’ve successfully tightened the screws, it’s time to put everything back together.  We generally recommend taking a photo before commencing in order to remember where all the bits and pieces go.  If by the time you’ve put it all back together, and you’re still noticing some extra movement, it would probably be best to call in the professionals.

At Five Star Locksmiths – Melbourne, our team of Master Locksmiths are all trained in replacing doorknobs and door handles.  A team member will be able to identify if you just have a few screws loose, or if indeed there is some actual damage happening.

To speak with a team member please feel free to contact us on 1800 348 378.  Alternatively, to leave an enquiry, you may do so HERE.

Would you still like to have a go on your own but need more help?

If this is you, we’ve found a great YouTube video which should be able to assist you with tightening up a loose door handle.  To view the video, simply click on the following link.