Do you have a broken or damaged car key?Damaged Car Key

Did you know that sometimes we can replace the outer shell on your car key?

This can sometimes be an inexpensive way of getting a new key made for your car.

The new era of car keys can be very expensive from the dealer.

They often have a transponder chip in them that communicates with the car’s computer system (ECU ) so it not just cut a new physical key then off you go!!

The key needs to be cut correctly ( preferably by key code ) and the either cloned or introduced to your vehicle.

We have a large range of vehicle keys and shells so most often we can cut a key at a very reduced price compared to a dealer or maybe even just replace the outer shell.

If you think we may be able to help you please come down to our office with your car and car keys and we can help guide you through the process at your pace and leisure.


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