Now that Christmas has to come an end, it’s time to relax and reflect on the wonderful year that has gone past. Many of us will take this time to simply be with friends and family, and some of us will go away for a while.  Whichever option you choose, it’s important to remember to stay vigilant and not become too complacent during this festive season.

Why’s that?

Because when we come complacent, we tend to make simple mistakes which can end in unfavourable outcomes.

Home Security Tips

 Keeping your home safe during Christmas should be a number one priority for all of us. A few simple things can be done to help reduce the chances of a burglar paying you an unwanted visit.  Although the tips we’ve provided below won’t guarantee the safety of your possessions, they’ll definitely help.

1. Keep your valuables out of sight

After Christmas is all done and dusted, many of us will innocently leave our valuables lying around the house without thinking about the consequences that could occur.  When we leave our valuables out, it provides passers-by with a motive and incentive to try and take our possessions from us. Reduce their level of temptation by keeping your valuables out of sight.

2. Lock up!

Another important step in helping to improve your home security is to ensure you’ve locked all your doors, sliding doors and windows.  Burglars will tend to first go for windows and sliding doors as these are quite often left unlocked.

3. Keep your blinds closed

Remember how we were talking about reducing the level of temptation for burglars? Well, this also involves keeping your blinds closed.  Don’t give passers-by the knowledge of knowing whether or not you’re home.  By keeping your blinds closed when you leave the house, you can help to take that temptation out of a potential burglar’s hands.

4. Ensure your locks are healthy

By checking your locks regularly, you can identify whether or not they may need replacing/rekeying. Lock health is particularly important in areas where the lock may experience a lot of stress.  This is usually prominent in sliding doors and roller doors where the locks are easily damaged.  If you’re unsure of what to look for, you can always have one of our Master Locksmiths assess your locks for you!  Our mobile locksmith team is available 24/7 which means they’re always ready and willing to help out.

To get in contact with a team member today, please feel free to call us on 1800 348 378.  If you’d like to know more when it comes to home security tips, we’ll be able to assist you with that also.  For email enquiries, you can use our contact form HERE.