How to choose the right door closer for your door ?

It can usually be very overwhelming when choosing the right door closer for your door.  This is mainly because door closers come in many different shapes, sizes and styles.  There are various ways to install door closers and some even have certain strengths over others. It is therefore helpful to have a professional guide you through the process.

When deciding upon the type of door closer that will best suit your needs, you should consider the following.

Things you need to think about before choosing the correct door closer to install

  • Height of the door ?
  • Weight of the door?
  • Width of the door?
  • Thickness of the door?
  • What is the door made of? I.e. Wood, Glass, Metal
  • What is the door frame made of ?
  • Is it a fire door?
  • Does the door contain asbestos ?
  • Does the door open in or out ?
  • How many times a day will it be used?
  • Does it need to meet a certain disability code?
  • Is it a double door which needs a door selector?
  • Do you want a ‘hold open’ function?
  • Is there a lot of wind or air traffic through this area ?
  • Where will it be installed? I.e. school, business, retirement home, private home …

As you can see, there are an abundance of things you need to consider when buying and installing a door closer.  A lot of the time we have customers trying to do this on their own.  It sometimes works,  but when it doesn’t, the customer will end up losing money and time through purchasing the wrong door closer. 

It’s for the above mentioned reasons that at Five Star Locksmiths, we recommend you having a professional to guide you through this process.  They will be able to not only assist you with purchasing your door closer, but they’ll also be able to install it and ensure the desired functionality is achieved. 

For more information on door closers, call Five Star Locksmiths on 1800 348 378.  One of our many locksmith professionals will be ready to help guide you through this complicated process.


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