One of our regular tasks is installing door closers in new buildings or retro-fitting existing buildings.

Door closers come in a range of forms and types. In general though, a door closer acts to automatically close a door after it has been opened either by manual or automatic means. They’re commonly used in commercial premises where security is an issue or public buildings where there is a high volume of traffic (eg: hospitals). And it’s becoming more and more common for people to install them at home as well.

One thing you may not know – and this is especially important if you run a business – is that ease of access to buildings is actually written into the Australian Human Rights Commission Guidelines. This means it’s a basic human right for people of all abilities to be able to access buildings.

In fact, in Victoria, it is against the law for public places to be inaccessible to any person with a disability. And while most businesses are private properties (not public) you can risk being sued or even just attracting unwanted negative attention if your premises are difficult to access by a person with a disability.

Here’s where door closers come in. One of the main issues facing people with a physical disability (eg: if they use a wheelchair) is when doors are too heavy to open or when they swing shut too quickly, or are difficult to close.

The right automatic door closer will make sure all of the doors on your premises meet basic standards and allow easy, convenient access for all people.

If you’d like an assessment and quote or if you’re building new premises and want us to install the latest in door closer technology – please get in touch. This is an area we know a lot about and will make sure you get the best advice.

For any residential, commercial and automotive locksmith needs in Melbourne CBD and nearly all Melbourne suburbs, and our trademark friendly service, call us on 1800 348 378.


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