For individuals or families who live in apartments or are staying in hotels, it can be difficult to organise your own security systems due to the difficulties around getting them approved. Therefore, one of the easiest installations you can make to ensure your home, family, and valuables remain safe is to install a Door View (Peep Hole).

How does a Door View (Peep Hole) work?

Behind installing a security camera (which cannot always be done in apartment type buildings), installing a Door View is an excellent way to be able to tell who is outside before opening the door and potentially opening your home up to a break in. Generally, Door Views have a fish-eye lens, meaning that there is a wide view given for those looking out, but very restricted to no view for those trying to look in.

Nowadays, you can actually purchase a digital Door View that links to a screen inside your home so that you don’t need to actually go to the door to see who is outside. This can come in extremely handy if someone is trying to break in, as it allows you to monitor them while also calling the police. Many of these digital Door Views also provide high-quality video footage to larger screens meaning that for elderly individuals or those who suffer from poor vision, investing in a digital Door View can be an excellent addition to their home security measures.

While Door Views are not the ‘be all and end all’ of home security, they certainly are an easy addition to make your home a lot safer, particularly for security while you are at home. Knowing who’s at the door before you answer it could save you from costly repairs for if a break-in occurs.

A professional can generally install Door Views without any difficulty. Feel free to contact one of our team at Five Star Locksmiths – Melbourne to help you determine the best home security installations for you, and how we can assist you to ensure that your family, home, and valuables are as secure as possible. Get in touch with one of our team on 1800 348 378.