When it comes to home security, sometimes the little things can make a world of difference. Enforcer locks are a great way to help ensure that your home is safe and secure, particularly while you are sleeping or not at home. It’s an easy and affordable measure you can take for the peace of mind that quality home security provides.

So, what is an enforcer lock?

An enforcer lock is essentially an attachment onto your normal door lock that acts as a further barrier for protection against break ins. Door reinforcement locks add hundreds of pounds of extra kicking resistance to your door lock, meaning that the likelihood of any unwanted visitors breaking in during the night or while you’re out of the house is extremely reduced. This will certainly increase your home security level and also make a large amount of noise should someone try and break in, which will alert you if you are home, and potentially your neighbours, who may be able to call the police.

How do you use a door enforcer lock?

Once the door enforcer lock has been installed alongside the existing lock, it should be kept in the lock position at all times, even when you’re home to ensure that if someone does try to break in while you’re home, the chances of them actually getting inside through the door are minimised. The reinforcer lock can be opened very easily from the inside.  You don’t need to worry about fiddling with lots of locks and keys.

Installing a door enforcer lock in your home is an effective and affordable way to really improve your home security and help protect your home, family, and valuables from break-ins. If you would like your doors at home fitted with an enforcer lock, please get in touch with one of our team at Five Star Locksmiths – Melbourne.  We would love to chat with you about how best to improve your home security. Give us a call today on 1800 348 378.