When living in an age where residents and business owners are becoming more educated on security systems and protecting their possessions, more and more people are looking for alternative ways to approach their security. Some popular systems that many have in place are master locks systems – otherwise known as a master key system.

How does a Master Lock System work?

A master lock system (or master key system) is essentially a hierarchical locking system that one can implement in either their home, building or work.   The simple idea behind this system is that you will have a set of keys, each with their own assigned level of access.

For example, let’s imagine you’re the owner of a business that’s located in a building.  To gain access to your office there is the main door to pass through.  Within the office, you will have various doors that restrict access to certain personnel – this could be to the medical cabinet, the CEO’s office or even storage rooms.  The idea of a master lock system would be to have multiple keys that are assigned certain levels of access depending on the key holder’s role in the company.  If it was the CEO, their one single key would allow them to enter all these doors.  If it was an office manager, their key would give them access to the office but not to the CEO’s office.

What type of locking system is required?

The majority of master lock systems would be a basic pin tumbler lock. A pin tumbler lock works by making the grooves in the key correspond to the certain positions of the driver pins in the lock.  As the key enters the tumbler lock – depending on the level of access granted – it will need to fit perfectly in order for the key to turn.  A master locking system will work by only allowing certain keys to have all the grooves needed to fit with each pin in the lock.

Why not just get more keys?

The idea of a master key system is to minimise the need to have multiple keys for certain doors.  The number of keys you would need to replace if you lose them would also be greater without a master key system.

Many people say that as the level of convenience is increased, the level of security will likely decrease.  We can confidentially say that this isn’t necessarily true. In fact, one of our favourite master key system happens to be one of the most secure locking systems available.

BiLock Exclusive sets the standard when it comes to high-security master key systems.  You can find these products are some of the most well-protected areas around the world including the Olympics, casinos and some large banks.

Unlike a standard key and lock which just has provisions for one lot of combinations, BiLock Exclusive offers dual combinations.

How safe is a BiLock Exclusive Master Lock System?

With BiLock Exclusive, the dual combination key means that it can have up to 17,000,000 possible locking combinations! Backed by a high level of pick resistance, BiLock Exclusive makes it the perfect way to keep your possessions and environment secure.  You can even colour code the keys so the level of access is easily identifiable.

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