With burglaries and home invasions still very much a thing, many people are turning to all available solutions to help keep their home safe.  One of those methods is an external camera security system or closed-circuit television system. In this article, we plan to explore the pros and cons of installing an external camera security system outside your home.

External Camera Security System – Pros

 When deciding whether or not to install a security system in your home, all the pros and cons need to be considered.  At Five Star Locksmiths, we’re firm believers in taking all steps necessary in helping to ensure your safety. By installing an external camera system, it could potentially be the extra line of security you need in order to ward off intruders. Not only will you be able to monitor your home from your mobile device, but you can also install speaker which will allow you to communicate with the intruders and warn them that the police are on their way.  All these extra bells and whistles are great for maximising your chances of deterring intruders.

External Camera Security System – Cons

When it comes to the negatives of installing an external camera security system, there are actually not too many that surface.  One of the biggest negatives though is the price.  Installing a high-quality camera system can be quite costly and it can also be tampered with if the cameras are not placed in suitable positions.   Also, depending on the type of system you install, for example, if you’re restricted by budget, your cameras may have difficulty detecting motion as well as displaying images during low-light situations.

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