Finding a cheap locksmith in Melbourne CBD can sometimes be a difficult task.  Well actually, finding a cheap one isn’t so difficult; it’s more so finding a good, cheap locksmith that’s more difficult.  At Five Star Locksmiths, we pride ourselves on delivering a service that is of extremely high quality and for prices that won’t hurt the bank.  For those a little lost and needing some direction in finding a cheap locksmith in Melbourne CBD, READ ON.  This one’s for you!

Finding a cheap locksmith in Melbourne CBD – What you need to know

When searching for a cheap, local locksmith you shouldn’t just choose the lowest priced one you find. You must always look into their company a little deeper.  What do we mean by this?  Try looking for their Google Reviews and browsing through their website.  Does it look like they’ve been constantly adding to their website?  Does it look at though the reviews they’re receiving on Google are true and not made-up? These are all important factors to consider when finding a cheap locksmith in Melbourne CBD.

How cheap is too cheap?

To be honest, you should be careful.  Even though you may think you’ve found a great priced locksmith, you could very well have found a locksmith scam artist.  There are currently a lot of locksmith scams going around Melbourne. These companies will advertise prices that are far lower than those of their competitors.  When they offer an ultra-low call-out fee, they will tend to hit you with an exorbitant service fee afterwards.  If you’ve found a locksmith that seems suspiciously cheap, be sure to read their reviews on Google.  Also, try getting a fixed quote from them first before they go to your location.  And lastly, ensure that when you call them that the call isn’t directed to an overseas number.  These are all very important steps to use when finding a cheap locksmith.

If you need any more suggestions on finding a cheap locksmith in Melbourne CBD then feel free to contact Five Star Locksmiths! Not only do we offer fantastic prices when it comes to professional locksmith services, but all of our work is guaranteed. It should be noted that all of our workers are fully-insured, fully-trained and completely certified.  These are another few things to check when searching for a good quality, cheap locksmith. You can contact us via our website HERE.