Happy New Year!

2015 has rolled around and we’ve hit the ground running. We didn’t have a lot of down time here at Five Star Locksmiths, keeping busy over Christmas and New Year with a range of jobs, from regular re-keying and lock repairs to some emergency lock out scenarios.

If you’re into New Years’ resolutions we’ve got one to recommend. Now is a great time to look at re-keying locks or organising any lock repairs around the house. If you’re lucky enough to still be on holidays, tick this off your to-do list before the year starts up in full again.

A new year often means changes for family life, including children starting school or moving to a new school. This can mean changes in routine such as who gets home when.

Re-keying locks will help you make sure all family members have keys that work. And it’s a good idea to store a spare key with a trusted friend, extended family member or neighbour too.

Give us a call on 1800 348 378 if you’d like a quote for re-keying or any other locksmith jobs around the home or at work.

We hope 2015 is off to a great start and that you have a good year ahead.

Cheers from the team at Five Star Locksmiths!


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