Are you looking forward to the next few weeks? With Easter late in April I bet most of us are pleased to have that long weekend followed immediately by the Anzac Day holiday. Two long weekends in a row!

You know who else gets excited about holiday season – home burglars. It’s a time when many families head away for a few days. And because it comes once the year is already up and running, a lot of people don’t take the time to double check the security of their homes.

So we want to give you Three Quick Tips that are easy to do and will help ensure the safety of your home and property if you’re taking some time away:

1. Get a friend or family member to house sit

Perfect for that trusted young adult in your life who wants a few days away from home. If they can’t come and stay, at least ask them to drop in a few times so it looks like someone is coming and going from your house.

2. Keep your plans quiet

We recommend never advertising on social media sites or public forums that you are going away. Tell neighbours you trust and family or friends who need to know. Be wary of posting about it anywhere strangers can see.

3. Secure windows, sliding doors and other unusual entry points

These are the ones you don’t always think about when you’re home as they don’t get used much. But you never know if someone has used a side door or garage window and forgotten to check or secure it after. Half an hour spent checking can save you a lot of worry and stress.

You should also check the quality of all your locks on main external doors and windows while you’re at this. And if you find any weak points, dodgy locks or other issues – do get them fixed! You’d rather have peace of mind so you can ENJOY a few days break.

For any residential, commercial and automotive locksmith needs in Melbourne CBD and nearly all Melbourne suburbs, and our trademark friendly service, call us on 1800 348 378.


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