There’s no beating around the bush; lockouts happen. For this reason, it’s smart to keep a spare key. This is so you don’t need to call a locksmith every time there’s a lockout. However, there are a few very common places that burglars know to look for spare keys. Here are a few places you should never hide your key, because no one wants to make that call to their 24×7 locksmith in Melbourne after falling victim to a burglary.

Right outside the entrance to your home

On top of the door frame, under a flower pot, or under your doormat. These are all incredibly common and easily accessible places to hide your key. Just a quick examination around your door and an outsider can have access to your entire home and all of its contents. It’s also common to hide your key under a rock or even a fake rock with a separate compartment for the key`. Burglars know what’s on the market and can easily identify these hide-a-keys. The plain fact is, it only takes 2 minutes for a burglar to check all of the common hiding places in your yard. Don’t fall victim to these common ‘hiding’ places. Even neighbours might learn where you keep your spare key if you retrieve it often enough. You want to make sure only the most trusted people have access to that knowledge.

Have a house key inside your wallet? Think again

As another common place to keep your spare key, your wallet is not a smart place to do so. In the event you lose your wallet, you are now without money, ID, or the keys to your house. This leaves you in a very unfortunate situation and with very little options. Furthermore, if a malicious person finds your wallet, they will now have the address to your home and the means to enter it. It’s never a good idea to have a key in the same location as any form of identification. You are telling burglars exactly where that key unlocks.

Why you should call your 24×7 locksmith in Melbourne to install a key safe

There are two places we recommend keeping your spare key. A trusted neighbour, family member or close friend is a great option if they are nearby and you don’t foresee lockouts happening often. There are also key safes that you can secure to the outside of your home to keep your spare key inside of. These are specially made to withstand outside weather conditions and are protected from any tampering. You can just set a code to the safe and in the event you ever lose a key or lock yourself out, you don’t need to worry about contacting anyone else.

If you are interested in installing a key safe to the outside of your home or find yourself in the need of a 24×7 locksmith in Melbourne, don’t hesitate to give us a call. You can reach us on 1800 348 378 or you can leave us a message HERE.