If you’ve recently moved home or you think that one of your keys have ended up in the hands of the wrong person you might be desperate to have your locks changed. The good news is that it may not have to be the only option available to you.  Another popular and effective solution is to have your locks rekeyed.  In this article, we’ll explain exactly what rekeying is and how much it costs for a locksmith to rekey a lock.

First of all, what is lock rekeying?

Lock rekeying is an affordable and just-as-safe way to ensure that previous keys won’t work on your existing locks.  It’s an alternative to having your locks replaced and can cost as low as a third of the price!

In order to successfully rekey a lock, all the existing pins or wafers will be set to a new combination. This new combination will be matched to a new key which means that all previous keys will be rendered useless.

What’s required?

In order to effectively rekey your locks, the locksmith will need access to them. This means you can either take them to their showroom (if you’re confident with removing the locks yourself), or alternatively just have them go out to you.

How much does it cost for a locksmith to rekey a lock?

 As we said before, rekeying a lock is a much more cost-effective method than having them replaced. If you take your lock to the locksmith, they’ll likely charge you around $20 per barrel to have it rekeyed.

Tip – if you plan on taking the locks to your locksmith, be sure to let them know in advance. It’ll give them time to prepare and attend you in a faster time.

If you’d prefer to have the locksmith go out to your home, you’ll be charge anywhere from $40 to $60 per lock.  This price should also include a general servicing of the lock and checking all the components and alignments.  We will usually recommend this option as it’ll ensure the proper removal and installation of the locks.

What are my other options available?

If your locks are slightly damaged or need upgrading, your locksmith will offer you a lock replacement service.  Having your locks replaced will be the most secure way to help ensure the integrity of your locking system.

Is lock rekeying not the option you’re after?

To find out more about having your locks replaced and to get an idea of pricing, feel free to read our article HERE on “What is the cost of a locksmith to change locks?”

If you choose this option, you’ll also have the peace of mind knowing that your home or office will be fitted with brand new locks. Older locks will sometimes catch the attention of burglars so by replacing them, it might be enough to ward off some burglars from trying to pick it.

Did you know that in Melbourne CBD, it’s estimated that one in every 135 homes will fall victim to a break-in? It’s therefore time to get serious about your security!

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