Yes, believe it or not, it can be this easy to break into a safe.

You have to be really careful when choosing the right safe for your home or business.

A lot of cheap safes sold at big hardware chains or office supplies chains make inflated claims such as: ‘bomb proof’ and ‘fire proof’. These can be a big and expensive trap!

We have been to so many break ins where we arrive on site to see families devastated because a safe was broken into and all the special heirlooms are gone or the safe contents didn’t survive a fire. Or the safe they purchased not long ago is out of warranty and fails to open. This can be caused some times by not opening the safe the batteries go flat. Or the simple case of lost keys – and the keys can’t be cut by just anyone so there is no quick way to solve the problem.

When safes fail it is often more expensive to get a locksmith out to open it than it originally cost to buy it. The old rule of: you get what you pay for still stands. Pay peanuts? Get monkeys.

What should you look for in a safe?

If it’s light and tinny sounding when you knock on the side, it’s very unlikely that the safe has fire protection even if it has a sticker saying fire proof.

The best advice we can offer to you is go to your local trusted master locksmith and get their professional opinion and expertise so you get the right safe for your needs. There are so many different types of safes: fire resistant safes, floor safes, cash rated safes, document protection safes, just to mention a few, so rather than get confused or buy one that isn’t right – save yourself time, money and stress in the long run and consult a professional.

Remember our mobile locksmith teams are out on the road every day so if you need any kind of locksmith service, give us a call on 1800 348 378.


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