Finding the right safe to best suit your needs can be a difficult process if you’re not sure what you’re looking for.  A lot of people become confused with the types of safes available and quite often they’re not even positive about what they’d like to protect.  In order to help you through this, we decided to put together this article on choosing the right safe.

How to choose a safe to best suit your needs

So then, before we jump right into finding the right safe to best suit your needs, you’ll first need to have a think about what you’re trying to protect. Are you trying to protect important documents such as the deeds to your home? Have you got cash you’d like to protect or is it perhaps some valuable jewellery?

Ok, so you that you know exactly what you’re wanting to protect, it’s time to decide upon where the safe will be stored. Will it be free standing or fixed to the ground and will it be for your home, office or warehouse?  Now that you’ve got that all figured out, it’s time to consider the options available!

Cash Safes 


Cash safes will generally have a recommended cash rating. You may see some that have a $5,000 cash rating and other with up to $25,000 cash rating. The cashing rating is a way of assisting your insurance company in deciding how much they can insure you for.  The higher the cash rating, the more money they’ll likely insure you for. When it comes to storing items in a cash safe, we recommend storing cash, valuables and jewellery.  Due to the lack of insulation, these safes are not recommended for storing important paperwork or documents.

Fire Safes

The next one to consider would be a fire safe.  Fire safes are particularly effective for when it comes to storing documents that are extremely important to you. Such documents may be passports, house deeds and even birth certificates. Be mindful though as fire safes don’t have the necessary protection required in order to store valuables as well.  Even though some of them may look as though they’re rigid and solid, you should always see what its recommended fire AND cash rating are.

Cash and Fire Safes

The best of both worlds – if you’re unsure as to what type of safe would best suit you, it might be best to go for a hybrid of the two.  A cash and fire safe will be the perfect option when it comes to storing important documents as well as items of value.  By having the combination of the two safes, the price will generally increase – this shouldn’t be a deterrent though as you really do need to consider just how important the items are that you’re trying to protect.

Drop Safes

Lastly, we have drop safes. A drop safe is perfect for commercial purposes in small businesses.  The drop safe will allow cash to be deposited in the top section and then safely protect it in the bottom half.  The specialised opening on the safe won’t allow for the money that is already stored to be removed.

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If you’d like to see a video of how to choose the right safe, feel free to click below!