This week’s post is a quickie and one where a picture tells a thousand words …

I saw this while out in Melbourne’s CBD one weekend with my kids. It did make us laugh, for a minute! The sight of that poor lonely wheel all alone, locked up safe and secure to the bike stand … but with no bike attached.


Although I’m pretty sure the owner of the bike wouldn’t have been laughing when they got back and found the lonesome wheel.


So just a reminder to always think twice about your locks and security – wherever you are! At home, in the car, at work, on holidays, it’s always better to take a few minutes and make sure locks are REALLY secure.

And – in the bigger picture – spend the time to review your locks overall and make sure they are providing the best and highest level of security for your goods and property.


For any residential, commercial and automotive locksmith needs in Melbourne CBD and nearly all Melbourne suburbs, and our trademark friendly service, call us on 1800 348 378.


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