Home invasions have unfortunately become a regular occurrence in everyday life here in Melbourne. At the start of the home invasion sprees, they were on the news every day. This isn’t quite the case anymore due to the news giving preference to other stories.  Being in the locksmith industry however, the team here at Five Star Locksmiths – Melbourne are fully aware of the severity and regularity of this issue.

When we arrive to a home that has been broken in to, it’s always hard to see the emotions that the family or individual are going through.  Hearing the stories of how someone forcefully entered their home (whilst they were home) always gives us an eerie feeling.

In response to this, we thought to share with you some tips and strategies which may help prevent this situation from happening or even slow the situation down entirely.  Slowing the break-in down by adding in several layers of security may just give you enough time to inform the police and have them arrive before anything drastic happens.  At the Five Star Locksmiths team, we all speak from experience and so we’ve compiled some information for what we believe will assist you during these scary events.

Door view (peep hole)

This allows you to look and see who is at the front door before opening the door.

If you don’t recognise the person on the other side, simply keep the door closed and call the police if necessary.

Enforcer locks

These locks should be fitted to all external open-in doors frames and be left in the lock position when you are home. They provide a huge amount of kicking resistance force and are one of our favourite security products. They are affordable and easy to install and also give you great value for money (see video below).

Security doors

Security doors mostly open outwards, and therefore must be forced outward which is much harder than just kicking in the door. It also provides another barrier to slow the intruders down whilst the police are called.

Lock your doors

We know it sounds simple but lock your doors. Make them lock on the outside only so anyone who wants to enter your home needs a key and can’t just walk into your home unless they have a key.

Window locks

Always have your window locks key-locked. This stops someone breaking the glass and quickly opening the window and moving the broken glass window out of the way for quick access.

If the window lock is key locked, then the burglar has to spend the extra time to remove all the glass so they can crawl through the window without cutting themselves.  This will help to slow them down whilst the police arrive.

Window roller shutters

Window roller shutters cover just windows just like a security door, however better.

They offer great security and insulation value. Window roller shutters can be expensive but there are many benefits from a security point of view as well as conserving electricity when it comes to cooling and heating.  You can have a look at some great quality shutters HERE.

Locks on bedroom doors

Installing locks on your bedroom doors is a great way to add more time to the intruder getting anywhere near you. You can install a lockable lever set or an even more secure single-sided deadbolt. While the intruders are trying to get through all the other layers of security, this can be the last defence option before the police finally arrive. Fit locks on all bedroom doors so no matter where you are in your house, you can seek refuge and wait until help arrives.
External camera system

External camera systems can sometimes be a great visual deterrent.

Some camera systems can be set up to detect motion and send an alarm to your mobile phone. This function can sometimes also be set to certain time periods, so your phone isn’t constantly going off during the day. You can even talk through your mobile phone to the unexpecting suspect and tell them that the police are already on their way and you have them already on camera. This method can at times ward off the intruder.

Flood Lights

Floodlights are another of our favourites. No burglar or thief wants to be seen when they think they are sneaking around undetected, and then unexpectedly the large floodlight turns on and they’re generally gone within seconds. Just the thought that someone has seen them, and they have been detected will give them a big enough reason to flee. The only downside to floodlights however, is that they only work at night.

Monitored alarm system with panic button

Having a monitored alarm system with a panic device or a panic button works well. Just one press of the button and it sends through a panic signal to a control room. They will contact you and the police, fire or ambulance. This is a very fast way of getting help to your door in a speedy manner.

For any more information on keeping your home safe and helping to protect it from home invasions, please feel free to contact Five Star Locksmiths – Melbourne on 1800 348 378. You may also leave us an enquiry HERE.