Quite often we’ll hear of customers wanting to replace a sliding door lock themselves.  Even though we generally don’t recommend people to do this on their own, we’ve realised that many are going to want to do it regardless.  So as a way of helping out, we’ve decided to put this guide together for replacing a sliding door lock.

Before going ahead, you should be positive that the lock need to be changed.  Chances are that you might get away with having the lock rekeyed instead (which will be cheaper and quicker). Ask your local locksmith if you’re unsure about which about would suit you best.

How to Replace a Sliding Door Lock

Step 1 – Remove the Handle

Have a good look at your sliding door handle and try to find any screws that have it anchored to the door. It’s always a good idea to photo yourself whilst doing this as to avoid confusion when reassembling everything at the end.

Be sure to remove ALL the screws that are keeping this handle in place.  Take note also of where you’re putting these screws after removing them.  Minimising confusion is the key to pulling this off!

Step 2 – Replacing the sliding door lock

Once you’ve successfully disassembled the door handle, you will have access to the lock.  You now have two options.  You can either take the lock to your local professional locksmith to have them replace the damaged part, or you can try to do it yourself! Replacing the lock yourself can be risky as there are a few things you need to take into consideration. Nevertheless though, it’s not impossible.  Feel free to follow along with the instruction booklet given with the lock.

If you feel as though your endeavour to replace this lock has gone a little south, make sure you reach out for help immediately.  You definitely don’t want to have a second broken lock on your hands.

Please NoteFive Star Locksmith accepts no responsibility for any damages if your door, door handle or door lock has under come any damages from following along with our guide. This guide was intended to be a general overview on how to replace a sliding door lock.  There are many different sliding door locks and handles and so providing advise for all of them in the one blog would not be appropriate.

Still need more help?

 The easiest thing that you could probably do would be to call your local professional locksmith to replace the sliding door lock for you.  At Five Star Locksmiths, we specialise in replacing sliding door locks. Our service is fast and our prices are very competitive.  For a quick quote on having your sliding door locks changed today, call 1800 348 378 now. You can also leave us an enquiry on our website HERE.

Good luck!