Deadlocks should be an integral part of every Melbourne home’s security check.  Not only are deadlocks incredibly resilient and provide a high-level of protection against unwanted intruders, but they can also help you get a better price from your home and contents insurance provider.  It’s therefore highly recommended to have deadlocks in your Melbourne home.


deadlocks in your Melbourne home

What is a deadlock?

Essentially, a deadlock is lock that requires access on both sides via a key.  Although there a few different types of deadlocks, the most important thing to note is they don’t operate with a spring to hold the bolt in place.  Instead, a deadlock has a key lock cylinder, which must be rotated in order to open and unlock.

Benefits of having deadlocks in your Melbourne home

Besides giving you access to better rates with various home and contents insurance companies, deadlocks have many other benefits. Differing from a standard spring-bolted lock, a deadbolt makes it a lot harder to open the lock.  An intruder would need to use very large amounts of force in order to enter.  Furthermore, deadlocks are much harder to pick in comparison to standard latching locks.

Another feature that lots of deadlock owners like is that the lock won’t engage automatically upon closing the door.  So many people lock themselves out of their home from closing their door and not remembering that it is self-locking.

The other great thing about deadlocks is that if someone were to enter your home via the window, they would need the deadlock key in order to leave.  Deadlocks require a key for both sides. This makes it extremely difficult for someone to get in/or out of your front door.

Important Note

If you do have a double-cylinder deadlock, you should always be prepared for if you need to leave the house quickly.  As we mentioned earlier, deadlocks NEED a key. For example if there is a fire you need to know exactly where your key is to the lock.

For more information on deadlocks and suggestions on brands to use or even installation then feel free to call our professional locksmith team on 1800 348 378.  One of our master locksmiths will be able to guide you through everything you need to know when it comes to keeping your home or business safe.

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