In April we took it on ourselves to attend the 115th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair).

This was the first time we’d attended this incredible event and as you’d expect it was bigger than Ben Hur!

The fair took place in a building that is about 10 times the size of Jeff’s Shed (Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre) in terms of floor space and two storeys high.

We got to check out locks, lock systems, domestic locks, motorcycle locks, bicycle locks, door handles, padlocks, door locks, furniture locks, industrial locks, safety appliances, drawer locks, electronic control locks, fingerprint locks, combination locks, commercial safes, domestic safes and every kind of lock accessory you can imagine.

Checking out the kinds of products being made and sold at an international level was pretty mind blowing. If just locks and locksmith products are anything to go by, it’s clear why China is on track to being one of the world’s biggest economies before too long. They don’t do anything by halves – it’s all on a big scale. We were super impressed.

It’s inspiring – and motivating – to attend a huge international trade fair like that. We met some fantastic new suppliers. We’ve come home with new ideas about products and services we want to bring to our customers here. It’s also great to be reminded what we’ve already been doing well and that our choices of valued suppliers stand up to any international quality test.

We had a great time – exhausting and fun. Pleased to be home and back into the swing of everyday work!

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