Trying to keep your home safe may seem straightforward.  However, a lot of us will leave items lying around our house that can be used to enter our homes.  It’s crucial that you become aware of what could potentially be used against your home. In order to help keep your home safe, we’ve listed some strategies below that may help you in the future.

Avoid leaving tools lying around the house

Just recently we attended to a job where a house had been broken into with a shovel and gardening tools. The owner of the home said they always leave their tools out and didn’t think anything of it. This is a big mistake as it gives thieves a potential advantage when it comes to breaking into your home.

This doesn’t just have to be tools though. Thieves are likely to use anything they find lying around. The idea is to make it more challenging for them to enter. By leaving bricks, ladders, hammers etc. lying around your home, you are potentially increasing the chances of someone being able to break in.

Another reason for avoiding leaving tools around your house is that they could potentially be used as weapons against yourself. If you were to come home and startle a thief that is attempting to access your home, they may use any one of these items against you.

How to keep your home safe?

Besides ensuring you haven’t left any potentially dangerous items outside of your home, you can always invest in barrier security. Barrier security will help to ensure that your home has a high-line of defence when it comes to keeping unwanted visitors out of your home.

At Five Star Locksmiths, we wrote a blog on Barrier Security which you can read HERE.

For any more questions on how to keep your home safe, contact Five Star Locksmiths on 1800 348 378, the locksmith professionals. We’ll be able to advise you over the phone with what we believe you should do to help keep your home safe. Alternatively, you can come visit us in our showroom at 1a/1 Austarc Ave, Thomastown, VIC 3074.


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