Although it sounds obvious, people still do it. Each year, reports are increasing of ‘break and enters’ from intruders finding keys under the doormat. A lot of the time, people that leave their keys under the mat don’t believe that they live in a ‘dangerous’ area, and so they become complacent. The truth is, even though your neighbourhood may have a low crime rate, the possibility of a ‘break and enter’ always remains. You can minimise the chances of this happening.  Simply don’t leave your key under the mat.

What to do?

Invest in a key safe. It is essentially a high security box, which will store your key. A good quality key safe will make it extremely difficult for an intruder to break into. A key safe will generally require a number combination in order to open it.

Where to put it?

When deciding on a spot to install your key safe, you should be conscious of not drawing attention to it. By installing it to your front door, you could be increasing the chances of it being seen by unwanted eyes.   In order to put it out of sight, you should consider finding somewhere that is protected from the elements. By decreasing the key safe’s exposure to the weather, you can potentially increase the lifetime of the safe.

Another thing you should consider when installing your key safe is to be make sure it is securely bolted to something ridged and permanent, i.e. not your front door.

How to find a high quality key safe?

If you’re unsure of the type of key safe to purchase, you can always ask for assistance from your local locksmith. You will be entrusting this safe to guard the key to your home and so choosing a key safe without being educated on the quality of it is not recommended.

For any more questions on key safes, feel to contact one of our professional locksmith specialists on 1800 348 378.


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