Wanting to know if keyed locks or keyless locks are better is something we’re asked A LOT.  It’s also a very fair question – who wouldn’t want the latest advancements in technology to keep their home safe?  Besides being extremely convenient, it would feel great to follow a technology trend.

Although there are many superficial benefits to have a keyless lock, is it necessarily the best option? Continue reading this article as we’ll explore the pros and cons of both options.

What’s better – keyed locks or keyless locks?

Keyed Locks or Keyless Locks?

 A keyed lock is a standard, conventional locking system used for the majority of doors around the world. Over the years, keyed locks have been developed in a way that they’re now extremely hard to pick.  Since the conception of Bilock Exclusive, we have seen some of the hardest-to-pick locks come into the market.  When compared to a keyless lock, keyed locks will generally experience fewer problems.  They are more reliable and to a degree and they’re also harder to break in to.

The negatives?

Although a keyed lock is an extremely secure way of locking your doors, you need to consider the downsides. Having a keyed lock means you need to carry a key around.  These things are very easy to lose, misplace or even break.  You also run the risk of someone picking your lock or tampering with it. Although the technology has improved dramatically in keyed locks, the methods that burglars use is improving also.

Keyless Locks 

Keyless locks can be any type of lock that doesn’t require a key to open it.  Such locks include voice-activated locks, digital fingerprint or digital combinations.  Even though keyless locks sound amazing due to their ease of access for the user, level of convenience and unique style, they may not be as secure as you’re led to believe.

The negatives?

When it comes to keyless locks, you need to be made aware that they’re not entirely secure.  When we rely on technology to lock our doors, we need to have a way to open them if the technology fails.  This override feature is something that crooks will explore and take advantage of.  Even though you can keep your doors locked from the average intruder, there are still large opportunities for the locking system to become compromised.

The winner?

At this current stage of development, we would recommend keyed locks for a preferred method of security. Even though these locks can be tampered with and at times picked, they still provide a lot more security than a keyless lock.  If you’re not too worried about the security component and would prefer an option that is simply more convenient, than choosing a keyless lock may be right for you.

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