Our post last week prompted a few questions about whether master key systems are a good idea for residential security.

The bottom line answer is yes – master key systems will always provide extra security. However you don’t have to go to the full extreme in order to give yourself and your family a little bit more peace of mind.

We definitely recommend installing what is called a semi-restricted master key system. For this we use the Lock Four system.

What a semi-restricted master key system means is that keys can only be cut by an authorised Lock Four dealer (ie: us – if you’re one of our customers!). All keys are cut to code and cannot be cut at any old hardware shop or shopping mall key cutting centre.

First up this means you have greater control over who has keys to your home. A stranger isn’t going to know about the restricted cutting authorisation. If they try and get one of your keys cut just anywhere, they won’t be able to.

Secondly this means all of your keys will be cut to Lockwood factory specification standards. It’s about quality control. Quite frankly, a lot of hardware stores and key cutting stands don’t take a whole lot of care with their work. Poorly cut keys leads to unnecessary wear and tear on your keys and locks. So they’re going to get damaged more often, wear out and even break.

Keys that are cut to code really do last longer. If we were just in the business of cutting as many keys as possible in a day we wouldn’t let you in on this information! But we’re not. Our goal is to provide the best quality locksmith services and that includes the best quality advice and industry information about keys, locks and security.

So if you want to look into getting a semi-restricted master key system in place, give us a call:  1800 348 378.

Our mobile team is fast and friendly and we offer reasonable rates.


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