**Rekey 4 Locks and get the 5th Lock Rekeyed FREE**

Five Star Locksmiths – Melbourne are now offering a cheaper (and just as secure) alternative to having your locks replaced.

it’s called, Lock Rekeying

What is Lock Rekeying?

Lock Rekeying involves changing the combinations of your lock so that the previous keys will no longer work.  It’s just as effective as having your locks replaced and only costs a fraction of the price.

Benefits of Lock Rekeying

  • Can be performed onsite (our mobile locksmith team will come to you)
  • Fixed rate of $44/lock – single & double sided locks (plus service call-out fee)
  • Suitable for almost any lock
  • Unlike Lock Replacements, the price of Lock Rekeying won’t change 

* offer ends 15/11/2018

To Claim This Special Offer Today, Please Call 1800 348 378