Have you ever been locked out of your bedroom? We attended a job recently in Preston and when we arrived late at night, we found a young mum crying and upset.  She had explained the situation unfolded and we could only help but feel sorry for her.

Then young mother had put her baby to rest at night time.  A couple of hours later, the baby woke up crying as it was for its feed.  The mother tried to gain access to the bedroom, however, was locked out.  She thought the door was jammed but then actually realised the latch had given way.

Being Locked out of Bedroom Can Be Horrifying

For this young mother, she was understandably shaken up by the whole incident.  She immediately called Five Star Locksmiths to help resolve the issue.  One of our locksmiths arrived to the site in a fast response time and was able to free up the latch.  From the moment the door opened, the lady ran straight over to her baby to comfort it.

What was next?

After inspecting the door and realising it was a faulty latch that had given way, we installed a new door handle.  After replacing the handle, we inspected the other doors throughout the house.  It was much to the mum’s surprise that we actually found two more handles that were on their way out.  We quickly replaced these and finished up.

As we were leaving we asked the mother if she had noticed any problems with the door handle prior to that night.  She informed us that yes, she had noticed the handle ‘sticking’ a few times beforehand.  This would have been a perfect opportunity to call a locksmith.  As soon as you notice a problem developing it always best to get it rectified before it worsens.  Furthermore, the mother had to pay for the emergency after hours rate.  This could have all been avoided if the problem was dealt with during the day.

If you feel as though some of your door handles might be on their way out, please feel free to leave us an enquiry HERE. You can also call us on 1800 348 378.