Many people will take what seems like a small risk to make sure they never get locked out – it’s not unusual to find a window or back door that’s always left open or unlocked, even when no one’s home. It is a hassle to come home and find you’re locked out, but there are simple ways to avoid this, without risking a burglary!

If you’re not so good with keys, you might be better off with a single key system in your house. This means you only have to keep one key for all your door locks, front and back. Aside from being really convenient, it’s just a smarter way to manage your locks. With only one key to keep track of, you no longer have to compromise on your security because you’re worried you might not get back inside.

Five Star Locksmiths can come to your house, anywhere in Melbourne, and give you an assessment of the best security set up for you. We’ll have a look at all your points of entry including doors, windows, garage and gates. Based on what you tell us about your lifestyle, plus the way your home is set up, we’ll give you advice on what you can do to enhance your security. We can then install new systems, upgrade or repair your existing locks. If a single key system is the perfect solution for you, we can talk you through exactly what it involves and create the master key for you.

We know you need absolute peace of mind when it comes to the security of your house, so we give a lifetime guarantee on all the work we do.

Make the call to 1800 FIVE STAR (1800 348 378) to find out more about how we can help you secure your home. We’re happy to chat, and can give you an obligation-free quote.


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