The times when we need a locksmith most are quite often the times we don’t think about who we’re calling.  When typing in ‘Locksmiths Near Me’ into Google the next time you’re locked out of your car or home, you should keep a few things in mind.  In this article, we will be highlighting some important steps to take in finding a locksmith near you.

Locksmiths Near Me – Don’t rush!

It’s a Friday night and you’ve just got home from work.  You’re about to start cooking and you decide to take the rubbish out.  Exhausted form the big week you’ve just had, you don’t think about taking your keys with you.  You later return to your front door and a strong draft of wind has closed it. Luckily for you though, you still have your phone on you.

What’s next?

You automatically type in “Locksmiths Near Me” into Google and click on the first option you see.  Although this is very convenient, it’s not necessarily the best option.  Instead of clicking away, you should have a quick look into the locksmith before having them come out to your property.  A good way to verify the quality of a locksmith would be to first check their reviews.  Have they got plenty of 5-stars? Do the reviews look real?  Next, you could call them and make sure you’re connected to a local person.  There are many locksmith companies that will have you connected to a company overseas. If you find yourself in this position, look at finding another locksmith.

Is there anything else I can do?

A great way to avoid any surprise charges when your locksmith visits would be to ask for a fixed quote.  Don’t be fooled by the advertised ‘cheap callout fees’.  A lot of companies do this so they can later charge you exorbitant prices once they’ve completed the service.  This is why we ALWAYS recommend requesting a fixed quote.

And lastly, ensure that they’re a member of the Master Locksmith’s Association.  A Master Locksmith is one that has been verified by this internationally renowned locksmith body.

Need Help Now?

If you’re in need of emergency locksmith assistance, feel free to call Five Star Locksmiths on 1800 348 378.  You can also visit our site HERE top leave an enquiry.