Every day you invest more precious time and money into keeping your business operating smoothly. With all the things you have to think about each day, security shouldn’t be a worry on your mind. Five Star Locksmiths can work with you to ensure you’re safe from the many risks that every business faces.  

Our customers are often surprised when we show them how vulnerable their property, assets and information are. That’s why we’ll sit down with you and spend time to work out a complete security system that is customised to your particular needs. This will include first and foremost, making sure your physical property is secure with a range of locks suited to how you operate – we can install biometric locks that require a finger scan, so you can manage who walks in the door when, or a digital lock set that integrates with your monitoring system so you’re the first to know if there is an intrusion.

But keeping people out of the premises is only a part of what you might need – during business hours you’ll have all sorts of people walking through the door, including your staff, suppliers and customers. You also need to make sure certain rooms and repositories are safe are secure inside.

We’ll include all of these elements in our security assessment and can install or repair filing cabinet or desk locks, internal door locks, and safes.

When we do a security audit on your business, we will comprehensively analyse your overall security system, all the locks you have on the premise and security inside the property. Our assessment can include interviewing staff and scanning your current system to find points of vulnerability. We will then design a security set up that is tailored to how you run the business each day.

If your business is due for a security assessment, upgrade or repair, call Five Star Locksmiths on 1300 045 397.


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