Are you confident that you understand how your current security set up protects your business from all the risks it may be vulnerable to? Of course not – you’re an expert in running your business, not security. Five Star Locksmiths are the experts in commercial security and are here to help.

Without running a full security assessment, it can be hard to understand all the factors influencing the security of your business. There are so many things to think about – points of physical vulnerability; the types of locks and doors you use; who can gain access through these doors and at what time of the day; the security of your most important documents and information.

Five Star Locksmiths can run a full security audit on your business, including finding all the points of physical vulnerability, understanding your hours of operation and who needs to get in when, and interviewing your staff.

To book in for an assessment with one of our friendly staff, call us on 1300 045 397.


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