Sometimes, when it comes to residential security, simply deterring intruders can make the difference. With all the risks involved in being seen, it has to be easy for a thief to get inside your property, or it’s simply not worth their while. Your gate is the first barrier someone will need to get through to break in. All too often, we tend to see gates as just a decorative item, or something to keep the dog in. But by putting a simple lock on it, you can ensure that not only are you stopping children or dogs from wandering out, but also keeping unwanted guests from getting in.

Having a lock doesn’t mean your gate can’t be decorative either – we’ve got all sorts of locks for all sorts of gates!

Whether you have an existing gate needing a lock, or want some advice on what sort of gate to install, Five Star Locksmiths Melbourne can give you a free quote, and a lifetime guarantee on all the work we do for you.

It’s very easy to keep the dog in and the burglars out – find out how by giving us a call on 1800 FIVE STAR (1800 348 378).


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