With car systems becoming more and more computerised these days, repairing or unlocking your car when things go wrong has never been as complex. Five Star Locksmiths have fully equipped mobile vans that allow us to fix your problem quickly, wherever you are.  

Our services include:

  • Unlocking your car if you’ve lost the keys or locked them inside
  • Replacing your lost car keys
  • Removing broken keys from locks
  • Repairing locks and ignitions

Five Star Locksmiths take the maximum care when working on your car key, lock or ignition. You simply don’t need to worry about bumps or scratches, or problems down the line. Because we know your car is one of your most important assets, and an essential tool to getting around each day, we give a lifetime guarantee on every job we do.

So if you do find yourself stuck anywhere in Melbourne, needing some fast, expert help that you know will be done quickly and professionally – give us a call on 1300 045 397. Our friendly staff will get you moving in no time!


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